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Industrial Production Group Asadinia believes that with Drury, specialized knowledge and experience in the design and manufacture of parts and assemblies for agricultural machinery and steel structures (Power generation, oil and gas) Their progress through the development of the internal market Based on understanding and meeting the needs of clients with a focus on customer satisfaction has put its fundamental goal

In order to accomplish this, the establishment of quality management system according to ISO 9001-2008 standard and the following objectives chosen as the core of its activities

1. reduce production costs by performing work properly from the beginning
2. implement it in all levels of product quality through staff
3. Human resource development through training on the job
3. Increase productivity through the use of equipment and tools and skilled manpower
4. Customer satisfaction by providing quality products and timely delivery of custom products

Asadinia industrial group in order to achieve the above your quality system based on ISO standard and has deployed 9001-2008Sazmandhy and Director supervising the implementation of the said system is committed and constantly revised and improved offers  And continuous cooperation with all managers and employees achieve all the above goals as possible and ensures its establishment

Asadi Nia Industrial Group started its activities in 1364 and in the design and manufacture of equipment for oil and gas industry - automotive industry - cement industry - Petrochemical - Power Industry - Agricultural machinery industry - steel industry operates.

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آدرس Address: Sazandegan St,Industrial Estate 1,Serahi khomein west

تلفن تماسPhone Call: 08634130777

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Email : info@aipgco.com

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