equipment and machinery

بنام دستگاه پرس برک promecam amda -خمکاری تا طول 7200میلیمتر
Burke called presses promecam amda Bending length 7200 mm
دستگاه برش پلاسما جهت برش تا ضخامت 30میلیمتر
Plasma cutting machine for cutting up to thickness of 30 mm
دستگاه رول جهت رولکاری انواع ورق
Sheet rolls for Rvlkary
دستگاه اره نواری تا قطر 350میلیمترBandsaw machine diameters up to 350 mm
دستگاه پرس 250تن هیدرولیک250 ton hydraulic press machine



دستگاه برش گیوتین تا ضخامت 8 میلیمتر برش و طول 3200میلیمتر

Guillotine cutting machine to cut the thickness of 8 mm and a length of 3200 Mylymt

دستگاه برش شعله CNC

CNC flame cutting machine with 3000 * 6000 mm Dimensions for cutting sheet has a thickness of 400 mm

Plasma cutting machine for cutting sheet size of 3000 * 6000 mm thickness 40 mm

Burke 4 yards devices: the bending of 1 mm to 12 mm

7-meter CNC Press Brake machine

Percussion presses 45 tons

Percussion presses 100 tons

3-meter guillotine for cutting up to a thickness of 15 mm

دریل رادیال

Drilling machine

A variety of workshop equipment and supplies needed

دستگاه برش لیزری

Laser cutting machine soon will be added to existing machines.

  Device Sheet

Co2 welding and arc

A variety of workshop equipment and supplies needed

Overhead Crane 5 tons and 3 tons


Asadi Nia Industrial Group started its activities in 1364 and in the design and manufacture of equipment for oil and gas industry - automotive industry - cement industry - Petrochemical - Power Industry - Agricultural machinery industry - steel industry operates.

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